Sean Nós Dancing


The oldest way of Irish dancing, sean nós is a very loose and free form of percussive dance that varies greatly in style from person to person. Years ago it was seldom taught, you had to learn it by watching and listening to the rhythms of the dancers and then put your own interpretation and character on it. It is mainly danced solo and is very much about the connection between the dancer and the musician, with most dancers having a selection of specific tunes they like to dance to. Because of it's free form, there are no rules apart from keeping your percussive moves relatively low to the floor, responding to the music, enjoying yourself and a spontaneous "Yahoo!" every now and again! 


It was mainly danced by men at house dances years ago across Ireland. They would knock sparks out of the floor with their hob nailed boots as they ruffled and kicked out their steps. Sometimes they would have competitions for fun at the house dances. They would challenge each other to dance their steps in frying pans, on top of barrels or, m favourite, take down the front door and place a pint of Guinness on each corner and see who could dance the best steps and spill the least drink.